Things To Know About Boy Scouts Fundraising Events

Aug 4, 2022

Whether your child is new to the Scouting America or has long been a member, the next fundraiser is never far away on the calendar. Here’s what you need to know about one of the most time-honored elements of the Scouting experience: Boy Scout fundraising.

Why Fundraising Is Important for the Scouting America

Like any nonprofit, the Scouting America relies on fundraising to accomplish many of its goals each year. Raising money also helps individual troops to purchase items needed for participating in approved Scout events and activities. Fundraisers help to pay for:

  • Camping and other troop activities
  • Supplies for specific unit activities
  • Equipment, such as camping supplies and materials for Pinewood Derby® racing
  • Rank emblems and merit badges

The Benefits of Involving Children in Fundraisers

Organizing fundraisers that children can participate in and promote is a great way to encourage kids’ growth as individuals, groups, and community members. Fundraising teaches Scouts to:

  • Earn money for things they need or want. The process of raising money teaches kids personal responsibility and helps them to develop a greater appreciation for the value of earned material goods. It also works to discourage entitlement and encourage hard work and diligence. Your child’s eyes might glaze over a bit if you simply tell them they need to earn things for themselves, but actually doing it as a Scout can be a motivating and rewarding experience for them.
  • Use math in a real-world context. Fundraising isn’t only about selling products; it’s about understanding expenses vs. profits, adding and subtracting, and diligent bookkeeping. Even if math isn’t your child’s favorite subject, they will quickly learn how important math skills are in the real world when they participate in a fundraiser. Keeping track of money at an early age also helps to prepare them for managing checking account balances as adults.
  • Practice philanthropy when they are older. When they sell products for a good cause, kids can learn to appreciate the willingness of others to help them reach their goals. As adults, they will likely be more inclined to give back to their communities in similar ways. In short, nonprofit fundraising experiences help kids to become more community-minded in general.
  • Interact with new people and gain confidence. Depending on your child’s personality, the concept of (safely) selling products to people they don’t know well may seem a little intimidating at first. But when they fundraise with the Boy Scouts, they’ll have the benefit of a support network to help them gain confidence and meet their goals. Once they have a fundraiser or two under their belt, they are likely to feel more capable of taking on other life challenges.
  • Work as part of a team toward a common goal. Fundraising is also a great way for children to learn to work together to accomplish something—even and especially with other children they don’t know or otherwise have much in common with. Working together helps kids take responsibility for and pride in their assigned tasks as well as the shared results. Most importantly, practicing teamwork skills prepares kids for school and work group projects as they grow up.

Participate in a Scouting Fundraiser With BSA Laurel Highlands Council

Fundraisers are a great way to teach children to set goals, build social skills, and work as part of a team in support of a community. If you live in the western parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, or West Virginia, enrolling your child in the Scouting America Laurel Highlands Council is an excellent way for them to learn these skills. Learn more about our fundraising events, Boy Scout fundraising rules, and our upcoming Popcorn Fundraiser.

Scouting’s programs and outdoor adventures give young people the opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and develop leadership skills. These experiences not only help Scouts while they are young, but help them grow into exceptional men and women that respect their family, community, religion, country and themselves.

The Scouting America Laurel Highlands Council serves youth members and volunteer adult leaders throughout Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, and parts of West Virginia. We aim to beneficially involve every eligible child and their family in the fun and adventure of our programs. We provide extraordinary youth development programs that develop and strengthen the values of the Scout Oath and Law. 

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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