Meet Our Staff.

Meet the LHC Staff, from District Executives out in the field to office staff who keep everything running smoothly. Below you’ll find contact information for all LHC staff members.


Todd McGregor, Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer, 412-325-7901

Brian Kuritzky, Chief Financial Officer, 412-325-7905

Carolyn Guzik, Administrative Assistant, 412-325-7901


Tracey Burkey, Chief Development Officer, 412-325-7910

Alex Stavros, Development Director, 412-325-7907

Morgan McCallister, Development & Marketing Executive, 412-325-7931

Lyndsay Seibel, Development & Marketing Director, 412-325-7923

Field Service.

Michele Brenneman, Assistant Scout Executive, 814-471-1090 ext 7109

Keith Walton, Assistant Scout Executive, 412-325-7950

Thomas Labayewski, Assistant Scout Executive, Support Services, 412-325-7906

Justin Hultman, Forbes Trail/ Fort Bedford District Executive, 814-322-6808

Justin Schmiedel, Seneca/Japeechan District Executive, 412-325-7967

Kenneth Smith, Frontier/Beaver Valley District Executive, 412-325-7966

Eric Zavinski, Chestnut Ridge & Keystone District Executive, 412-325-7111

Andy Mackert, Potomac Community Ambassador, 301-729-1300 ext. 7152

Kornelius Neal, Anawanna Trails District Executive, 412-325-7960

Vincent Polakowski, Eagle Valley District Executive, 412-325-7976

Terry Kennedy, Lackawanna District Executive, 412-325-7975

Bob Zelleznick, TrailBlazer Executive, 412-325-7973

Kim Miller, TrailBlazer Associate, 412-325-7995

Cameron Boston, Scoutreach District Executive, 412-325-7970

Derek Riley, Scoutreach Associate, 412-325-7981

Fariba Shakeri, Council Registrar and Financial Data Entry Specialist, 412-325-7903


Mike Manner, Director of Camping, 412-325-7914

Amanda Erickson, Administrative Assistant – Support Services and Camping, 412-325-7921

Shawn Cole, Caretaker, Camp Seph Mack, 412-471-2927

Kim Daniher, McGinnis Education Center Coordinator, 412-782-2669

Mike Daniher, Ranger, Camp Guyasuta, 412-782-2669

Andy Mackert, Caretaker, Camp Potomac, 301-338-3678

Luke Roser, Caretaker, Camp Anawanna, 240-727-2565 

Tony Amrhein, Head Ranger, Heritage Reservation, 412-651-7589

Chuck Pinkerton, Ranger, Camp Baker, 724-843-5801

Dave Wilkins, Ranger, Heritage Reservation, 412-592-7899

Christopher Wolfe, Flag Plaza Ranger

Customer Service.

Melissa Uzelac, Johnstown Customer Service Representative, 814-471-1090 ext. 7103

Kimberly Steinemann, Cumberland Customer Service Representative, 301-729-1300 ext. 7150

Karen Straub, Retail Sales Manager and Pittsburgh Customer Service Representative, 412-325-7922

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