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Scouts @ Work Camp

Scouts at Work Camp is not your traditional summer camp. Our programming will be a little different. This camping experience will put a strong emphasis on physically and visually experiencing various Trades, Jobs, and Careers. It will give Scouts an opportunity to DO all the things in our program by working with professionals in that specific field. Scouts will have an opportunity to experience over 20 careers to help determine whether they would like to pursue them further. In addition, Scouts will take home skills that will save them money as they transition into adulthood. Whether it’s Welding or Carpentry, Veterinary Science or Aviation, Scouts at Work Camp will have plenty for everyone. Come join us for home cooking and a truly unique experience.

CAMP potomac 

July 7-13, 2024 

Why join us at Scouts @ Work Camp? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a significant shortage of skilled trades workers in the U.S. By 2028, there are estimated to be over 3 million open jobs in the trades.  Trades jobs are requiring increasing skill levels, utilize technology more than ever, and can be a pathway to a high-paying profession without the high cost of schooling. Trades jobs provide incredible job security and can be a pathway to owning your own business and being your own boss.

Who Can Attend?

Any registered member of a Scouts BSA Troop, Venturing Crew, or Sea Scout Ship may participate in the program.

Since this camp does not take place unitl the summer of 2024, currently registered Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts who will have crossed over into a Troop prior to camp will be able to register.

Even if a Scout’s home unit is not planning to attend, individual Scouts may register provisionally and will participate with a group that includes required adult supervision.

Tentative Program Offerings

Because the focus of Scouts at Work Camp is to give Scouts real, hands-on experience in various trades and careers, groups will be kept small and will be instructed by professionals working in the field. 

The number of badges or workshops Scouts will be able to participate in during the week will be limited to help Scouts take a deep dive into their chosen programs.

The number of badges or workshops Scouts will be able to participate in during the week will be limited to help Scouts take a deep dive into their chosen programs.

Program Offerings

Automotive Maintenace
Veterinarian Science
Home Repair
Small Engine Repair
Search and Rescue
Computer Programing
Cyber Security
Didital Technology
Fish and Wildlife

Fee Schedule

Reserve your troop’s spot with a $100 non-refundable troop deposit plus $20 per Scout.  These deposits roll toward the overall balance due and are not extra fees. The $20 per Scout deposit is refundable until February 15, 2024. To prioritize youth attendees, adults are limited to a max of 4 per registration.

Scouts at Work Camp Fee Schedule
Paid in Full on or before 04.01.24 $400.00 $425.00 $450.00 $20 Scout Deposits are fully refundable up to and including 02.15.24
Paid in Full after 03.31.24 $425.00 $450.00 $475.00
Unit Reservation $100 Non-Refundable
Adult Fees $275 $275 $275 One FREE adult for EVERY 8 registered and paid Scouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Maximum number of people being accepted to Scouts at Work Camp and why?

A. Scouts At Work Camp is small boutique Camp Experience. Only 120 Youth and Adult total slots are available.


Q: Why are the acceptance numbers so low?

A. Due to the complexities of many of are programs it is important to have small groups. Scouts will be hands-on, so safety is our top priority.


Q: How many leaders can register?

A: We strive to have many spots for our youth with our small numbers. We have an adult ratio that is different from most camps. Troops can register 2 adults per every 8 youth.

Leaders can trade off throughout the week if an adult must work as long as if they have Current YPT and are Registered.


Q: What will the food be like?

A: At Camp Potomac our Kitchen Crew places a strong importance on “Home Cooked Meals”. We strive for an abundance of top-quality meals.


Q: Meals will be served family style at your table.

A: Our kitchen staff can make dietary adjustment withing reason with prior notice.


Q: What are the sleeping arrangements and are there tents?

A: Campsite will be assigned by unit size.

Canvas will NOT be provided. Some are Adirondack sites that do not require tents. Others are tent sites that will require your own tent.


Q: Will my Youth earn Badges?

A: Yes, most of our program are associated with badges However some of our program is workshops that do not directly associate with a Merit Badge.

Some program components will be offsite. Transportation to and from will be provided in our vans.


Q: Will Vehicles be allowed in Camp?

A: Once the Initial unload is complete all vehicles must be parked in the parking lot. The gate will be closed throughout the week and not opened.


Q: Will this Camp Sell Out Fast?

A: We are expected to completely sell out by June of 2023


Q: Will There be a Trading Post?

A: Yes, Trading Post will be open daily. The Trading Port will carry Drinks, Snacks and Merchandise.


Q: Is Swimming available at the lake?

A: We cannot answer this question at this time, but we are making every effort to get all the necessary components in place to open our lake.


Q: My unit is not attending but my child wants to attend.

A: Scouts do not need to attend with their troops. If your child wants to attend, we will be developing a provisional troop with enough interest. If you need this option, please contact the Staff Advisor.


Q: How will the Scouts sign up for what program they would like and is it guaranteed?

A: Scouts will have an opportunity to sign up for the specific programs they would like well in advance of Camp.

We will make every attempt to place the scout in the top programs they request however this is not guaranteed in all cases.


Q: Is there a first-year camper program?

A: We are prepared to present one. This will be determined based on need.


Q: Will there be any additional paperwork?

A: Some of the program will require wavers for parents. There wavers must be signed before participation.


Q: Can I get a personal presentation about Scout at Work camp for my unit or a more detail phone conversation from Staff Advisor?

A: You can request an appointment at

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