For generations, Scouting has transformed the lives of thousands of youth right here in Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and parts of West Virginia.  Scouting is made possible through the generosity of volunteers, families, members of our community and companies who all believe that a strong foundation of character and leadership developed in youth, leads to stronger, more productive lives. 

An investment in Scouting is an investment in America’s future. Your support of Scouting will provide character development, citizenship training, and leadership skills to the youth in your community.

From individual giving and corporate sponsorships to world class special events and support of Scouting in perpetuity through the endowment fund, the Laurel Highlands Council offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, corporations, and organizations to support youth in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, and portions of West Virginia.

The Laurel Highlands Council’s annual fundraising campaign is to generate the annual support needed to make Scouting programs happen each year.  There are many ways that you can participate in this campaign, either as a fundraising volunteer, by making a gift to our Friends of Scouting or by simply participating in one of our special events.  Every dollar raised stays right here in our region to support the youth in our own communities.

We hope that you will find something that not only excites you but also gives you an opportunity to give back to a program that has shaped the lives of great leaders for well over a century. We need your help in Building Stronger Communities…together!

If you or company is interested in learning more about supporting Scouting, please contact a member of our development team (found on the Staff Contact page) to discuss the best options for you.

Please know that whatever level of support, your investment will benefit the youth of your community.


Maximizing your donation to Scouting is easy with a matching gift program!

Many corporations match employee contributions made to the Scouting America. Each company’s program varies but some will double or even triple the amount of your contribution. Some companies even make financial contributions for volunteering time to Scouting.  Volunteer time is money with volunteer grants. 

Numerous local companies recognize volunteer time through the donation of cash grants to nonprofits in which their employees volunteers.  This means that for each hour of volunteer time, employers donate funds to support the Laurel Highlands Council, Scouting America. 

Enter your company below to get started!


  1. Make your gift to the Laurel Highlands Council, Scouting America
  2. Complete a Matching Gift form available from your employer (Human Resources)
  3. Send in your Matching Gift Application to Laurel Highlands Council, 1275 Bedford Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.


Memorial and tribute contributions are gifts to the Laurel Highland Council’s endowment and are a gratifying way for individuals, businesses, or groups to remember special friends. Your special donation in memory or honor of an extraordinary individual in your life will be acknowledged and handled with great care. Tributes are suitable for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or to recognize a youth who has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

To make a gift to the Laurel Highlands Council in honor of or in recognition of someone special in your life please fill out the form below.

Make a memorial contribution.


Scouting helps young men and women build character, citizenship and fitness. Developing youth who are physically strong, mentally awake, morally straight, has been the work of the Scouting America since 1910. Our efforts will be even more important in coming years.

Learning from exemplary leaders, engaging programs, and timeless values, Scouts work to improve themselves and their communities. For many, positive attitudes and attributes learned as a youth will continue throughout life. Today’s Scouts will become tomorrow’s leaders in the trades and professions, business, education, government, and all walks of life.

Encouraging gifts to the Laurel Highlands Council endowment is one of our highest priorities. A gift to endowment ensures that the Council can continue to offer the outstanding programs we now have and grow to meet the needs of our youth and community for the next 100 years.

For the donor, a gift to endowment says, “Scouting is important to me and my family.” It says that Scouting truly is a movement with a mission for me. It is more than an organization; it is a way of life. It is what we say and do in the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law. The Laurel Highlands Council Endowment exists to ensure the Council’s long-term financial health. Your support will help us meet the current and future goals of the Laurel Highlands Council.

For more information, please contact the Development Department at 412.325.7910.


A gift to our local council, designated by the donor to the Council Endowment Fund, qualifies for membership as a James E. West fellow.  The gift must be in addition to — and not replace or dimish — the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support. A minimum gift of $1000 in cash or marketable securities qualifies for the Bronze level membership.  Donors may make cumalitive gifts to reach Silver, Gold, and Diamond member levels.  For example, 5 years of giving at the Bronze level would qualify for the Silver level membership.  Many individuals and corporations make these gifts either on behalf of someone else — such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, a retirement, a special accomplishment, or anniversary — or in memory of a special individual.

For more information, please visit this flyer.


As a donor to the Laurel Highlands Council, you can use your giving to achieve personal goals, enhance your financial security, and to help shape the future of Scouting. Planned giving includes several ways for you to include charitable giving in your total financial plan. There are advantageous tax treatments of gifts under both state and federal law. Planned giving can help you maximize these tax benefits.

Tax advantages can often make it possible for you to provide a greater gift than you thought possible, while also benefiting your family and heirs. Many donors and supporters of Scouting have chosen planned giving to show their interest in supporting Scouting beyond their lifetime, while realizing some tax benefits today.

The Scouting America can work with you to personalize a plan most beneficial to you and your family.

For additional resource or for a full list of how your planned gift can make a difference, please click here.

Popular Gifts That Cost Nothing Now

  • Wills and Living Trusts
  • Beneficiary Designations

Income Gifts That Pay An Income and Provide a Tax Deduction

  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

Smart Ways to Give -Other Advantageous Gift Plans

  • Create a Fund That Will Make a Gift Forever
  • Memorial and Tribute Gifts
  • Donor Advised Fund

If you or your financial advisor would like more information, please contact the Development Department at 412.325.7910.

As with all financial decisions, a planned gift should be designed with care. A planned giving professional should work closely and confidentially with you to ensure that your gift achieves your individual goals, and expresses your personal vision. 

Explore the many ways to give by visiting the BSA’s National Foundation website.


Please feel free to change the numbers or percentages as you desire.

  1. Bequest of cash:  “I bequeath the sum of $10,000 to The Laurel Highlands Council, Scouting America.”
  2. Bequest of a percent of the estate:  “I devise and bequeath 20% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal, and wherever located to The Laurel Highlands Council, Scouting America .”
  3. Contingent Bequest:  “If my brother John Doe survives me, I devise and bequeath 20% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal, and wherever located to John Doe. If John Doe does not survive me, then I devise and bequeath 20% of my residuary estate, whether real or personal property and wherever located to The Laurel Highlands Council, Scouting America.”


You can help ensure the success of Scouting in the Laurel Highlands Council with meaningful non-cash gifts by donating vehicles, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, securities, uniforms, camping equipment and even by designating a portion of your purchase on to Scouting!


Amazon Smile allows you to support local Scouting every time you shop Amazon, at no cost to you. Simply go to and you’ll find the exact prices, selection and convenient shopping, but the Laurel Highlands Council will receive a percentage of your purchase.

Visit more information and to enroll. Be sure to select Scouting America-Laurel Highlands Council as your charity.

Vehicle Donation

The benefits last a lifetime! Participation in the tax-deductible vehicle donation program, whether it comes from the donation of fleet vehicles, work trucks or forklifts – virtually anything with a motor or wheels – the money helps the Scouts fund programs that shape our future leaders. Just one donation can become hundreds and even thousands of dollars the Laurel Highlands Council can use to give America’s youth a chance to build self-confidence, serve their community, and grow through new experiences.

Participating in the Scouting America’s vehicle donation program is simple and straightforward. For more information or to initiate the process of donating a vehicle, visit or call (855) 272-1227.


eBay Giving Works is a program that allows sellers to list items on eBay to benefit non-profit organizations.  Any eBay seller with an account in good standing can create an eBay Giving Works listing to benefit the Laurel Highlands Council.  Community Selling is a program in which a seller can sell items on eBay and donate 10% to 100% of its final sale to support the Laurel Highlands Council of your purchase.

Frequently asked Questions.


Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. It’s an easy way to double your contribution to us!


Volunteer grant programs are corporate giving programs in which companies provide monetary donations to organizations where employees volunteer regularly. If you volunteer with us, it’s an easy way to provide us with additional financial support!


Requesting a matching gift or volunteer grant is normally a five-minute process which must be initiated by the donor / volunteer. You can do this by filling out and submitting a paper match form provided by your employer or through an electronic submission process. Please search our database for company specific information.


AAA, Apple Inc., AutoZone, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Blue Shield, BNY Mellon, Boeing, BP, Coca-Cola, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, eBay, ExxonMobil, GE, Google Inc., Honda, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, Mattel, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Pepsi, PNC, Prudential Financial Inc., Raytheon, Sony, Starbucks Corporation, Time Warner, UPMC, Verizon


For questions regarding your company’s programs, please contact your employer’s HR or community giving department. Much of the necessary information is also available on your company intranet.

Click here for a list of Matching Gift Companies or click here for a printable version of the Matching Gift form.

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