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Get ready to race into another POP-TASTIC year of selling popcorn? Sign up now to get ready to sell.

Will you be a top-popper this year and earn your way to the Spin-to-Win celebration? 

Why Sell Popcorn?

Selling popcorn enables Scouts to fund their own adventures, like going to camp! Plus it helps with camp upkeep and adventures, annual fees, uniforms, unit supplies and equipment, and so much more!

Scouts Learn to earn their own way, public speaking and math skills, salesmanship and perseverance, the value of hard work and how to help others around them, and last but certainly not least, to be a part of something bigger!

2022 Spin-to-Win

Planning to be a “Top Popper” this year? Check out photos from our 2022 Spin-to-Win where our top selling Scouts got to compete for more prizes and celebrate thier sales!

Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA getting ready for thier spins!

Time to pick your ticket!

Our Top 6 Poppers!

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What can popcorn do for your unit?

Highest Profit Return, Turn Key Program, Program Support, Recruitment!

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Let’s – A – Social

Join our LHC Kernel Facebook Group to stay up to date with all things popcorn. Plus, we have a great group of volunteers and staff ready to answer any popcorn questions you might have. 


July 11: Popcorn Training (Adult Leader Spin-to-Win)

July 20: Popcorn Training

August 4: Show and Sell Orders Due

August 6: LHC Popcorn Kickoff & Training at Delgrosso’s

August 16: Popcorn Training

August 18 and 19: First Order Pick-up

September 9: Saturday Refill #1

September 23: Saturday Refill #2

October 14: Saturday Refill #3

October 28: Final Return Day

October 30: Take Orders Due (additional show and sell orders)

November 10 and 11: Second Order Pick- up

December 1: Final Payments Due

December 9: Spin to Win Event for Top 50 Sellers

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