Squatch Camp

Welcome to the J. Sephus Mack Sasquatch Research Center

Nestled in a hotbed of Squatch activity, the J. Sephus Mack Sasquatch Research Center is dedicated to developing the next generation of Squatch Hunters!  During their time at the Research Center, Scouts will partake in weeklong focused adventures, honing their squatch hunting skills while also working on Scouting advancement.


June 23-29, 2024

The J. Sephus Mack Sasquatch Research Center is the specialized program for the week. Conceptually, hunting sasquatch will be a part of the program, to provide a unique program experience for participants.  While they are looking for clues and signs of sasquatch, Scouts will also be working on rank requirements, merit badges, and have a lot of fun along the way.

The program offered at Squatch Camp 2024 will be built around several different adventure tracks. Scouts will sign up for an adventure track in which they will participate all week.  Advancement opportunities, including working on several merit badges, will be embedded directly into each adventure track so as Scouts complete various adventure track activities, they will meet requirements. Squatch Camp will not be your traditional Scout summer camp where Scouts sign up for individual merit badges or advancement classes.  Scouts will camp and spend the week with other Scouts who sign up for the same adventure track.

Adventure Tracks

Action Newsroom Adventure

The Action Newsroom Adventure track enables you to earn the Journalism, Photography, Public Speaking, and Moviemaking Merit Badges.

Brownsea Adventure

The Brownsea Adventure track enables you to earn Requirements to First Class Rank. Earn your Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit, Wood Carving Merit Badge, and the Paul Bunyan Award.

Exploration Adventure

Ready to Explore? Sign up for the Exploration Adventure and earn the Exploration, Wilderness Survival, and Fingerprinting Merit Badges.

Nautical Adventure

If you love the water, the Nautical Adventure Track is for you! Get ready to earn your Kayaking, Oceanography, and Canoeing Meritage Badges.

Outpost Adventure

Think you have what it takes to become an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman this summer? Take on earning the Pioneering, Rifle, Fishing & Wildlife Management, and Archery Merit Badges. 

Who Can Attend?

Any registered member of a Scouts BSA Troop, Venturing Crew, or Sea Scout Ship may participate in the program.

Since this camp does not take place unitl the summer of 2024, currently registered Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts who will have crossed over into a Troop prior to camp will be able to register.

Even if a Scout’s home unit is not planning to attend, individual Scouts may register provisionally and will participate with a group that includes required adult supervision.

Ready to for Adventure?

Stay up to date by signing up for our emails and joining the Facebook Group.

Fee Schedule

Reserve your troop’s space by providing estimated attendance counts and paying a flat unit + per Scout deposit. When you make your reservation and pay your deposit will determine your pricing level (see below).

Squatch Camp Fee Schedule
Scout Fees Deposit of $20 made by 02.28.23 Deposit of $20 made after 02.28.23 and before 06.01.23 Deposit of $20 made on 06.01.23 or after
Paid in Full on or before 03.31.24 $415.00 $430.00 $450.00 $20 Scout Deposits are fully refundable up to and including 02.15.24
Paid in Full after 03.31.24 $430.00 $450.00 $465.00
Unit Reservation $100 Non-Refundable
Adult Fees $200 if paid on or before 03.31.24 $225.00 if paid after 03.31.24 One FREE adult for EVERY 8 registered and paid Scouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with Sasquatch? 

A: The J. Sephus Mack Sasquatch Research Center is the specialized program.  Conceptually, hunting sasquatch will be a part of the program, to provide a unique program experience for the participants.  While they are looking for clues and signs, they will also be working on rank requirements and merit badges.   

I have heard that the Scouts will not earn merit badges, is that true? 

A: No.  Scouts will earn merit badges which will be woven into the program.  The difference with this program is that Scouts will sign up a “Track” rather than individual merit badge classes.  This enables the set up of the program to be engaging to the youth, while providing opportunities for merit badge work and rank advancement requirements. 

In general, Tracks will be based on a Scout’s rank/needed requirements.  These are still being planned at this time.  More information will be made available in the coming months.  But rest assured, Scouts will come home having met some requirements and earning some merit badges.  The program will look a little different from other resident camps. 

What is a Track? 

A: Tracks are being developed to cover certain requirements (i.e., first year camper, advanced camper) in an engaging fashion.  Rather than just show up for a merit badge class, Scouts will work on select requirements which are tied into the specific track while hunting for sasquatch.  While the program team hasn’t finalized the tracks yet, they are working on things that will provide an engaging experience for ALL youth who attend, regardless of how many times they have attended Summer Camp. 

How do I keep updated on the program development? 

A: We will begin hosting monthly sessions on the program development.  Please note that we are designing something completely new, so there will be regular adjustments to the program and new developments throughout the next 18 months.  Also, sign up for the Squatchin’ Newsletter and join the event Facebook Group at CSM Adventure Base. 

My unit made an initial commitment, what do we need to do next? 

A: Early in 2023, we will announce the opportunity for a deposit to hold your Troop’s spot at the camp for 2024.  This will be similar to a camp deposit.  We will also be looking for holding spots for youth with a nominal deposit per youth.  Units will receive letters about these deposits.  In the meantime, be sure to sign up for the Squatchin’ Newsletter, Zoom Webinars, and the CSM Adventure Base Facebook page,  

What if my Troop doesn’t want to attend, but my child does what to attend? 

A: Scouts do not need to attend with their troops.  If your child wants to attend, we will have a special registration set up for those youth, similar to provisional Scouts at resident camp.  We are working to develop that registration function in the coming weeks.