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The History of the Boy Scouts: A Timeline

As an organization, the Scouting America (BSA) has had a long history of teaching young Americans the values of service, preparedness, resourcefulness, and other aspects of leading an ethical life. But have you ever wondered how the history of Scouting America began,...

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The Benefits of Learning Shooting Sports for Kids

From the time they are old enough to grasp a toy gun that ejects water, foam darts, discs, or ping pong balls, children take noisy and unbridled delight in shooting things. Many parents are understandably cautious about allowing their children to play with projectile...

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What to Expect When You Camp as a Scout

If you’re considering enrolling your child in the Scouting America, or if you’re a parent or guardian who is new to Scouting programs, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of preparing your child for their first camping trip. Because camping forms such a...

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Winter Camping Safety Tips

Outdoor enthusiasts will be the first to tell you that camping isn’t exclusively a summer activity. However, if you do want to try camping in winter, you’ll need to take additional precautions. Because cold-weather outdoor recreation poses increased risks, even...

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What Is an Eagle Scout?

Each year, bright, capable, and goal-oriented ten-year-olds all over the US join a geographical council of the Scouting America and ascend through many of its 13 total ranks, from Bobcat to Star or Life Scout. Yet only about 2% of all Scouts attain the Eagle Scout...

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Things To Know About Boy Scouts Fundraising Events

Whether your child is new to the Scouting America or has long been a member, the next fundraiser is never far away on the calendar. Here’s what you need to know about one of the most time-honored elements of the Scouting...

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It is always nice to share good news. Please know that Alan Parks has accepted the position of Deputy Scout Executive in our Laurel Highlands Council. As you know, Alan is a valued member of our team and our Chief Operating Officer. As we move forward in growth, Alan...

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FOR IMMEDIATERELEASE: June 7, 2021Lyndsay SeibelScouting America, Laurel Highlands Spring of Service: 2021 Scouting for Food Campaign Pittsburgh, PA: You might have heard about Summer of Service.  But how about...

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New Sewickley, Pennsylvania:  The Scouting America developed the STEM Nova Awards program to excite and expand a sense of wonder in our Scouts. By working with an adult counselor or mentor, the various modules allow them to explore the basic principles of STEM...

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